Our Team

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Fast, accurate and artistic are the words that empower the RenderBasics team. Our designers in the United States, Canada and India working round the clock to make sure your project is delivered on time and to your specifications.

Prince Singh


Prince is a 3D Artist who helps Architects, home builders, and designers to visualize their homes. With over 8 years of experience in visualization, he knows to communicate with design and deliver detailed artworks. Serving clients around the globe and more than 15 US States. Passionate for Photography, he is Graduated with 3D Animation also certified in Visual effects and Project Management from Canada.

Jot Kainth

Marketing Manager

Jot is a Marketing manager at RenderBasics. She has a Masters of English and Bachelor of Computer Application from Punjabi University. Jot concluded her 4 years experience with ICS Chandigarh and she has splendid authority about marketing management. Jot keeps enough knowledge to sell the product on various platforms. She also assists with social media management and likes to design in her leisure.

David Fedeva


David has a degree in Business and Economics from Aquinas Collage of Grand Rapids, MI. He has worked in fields of architecture, design, and web design. He is also a negotiations coach and licensing specialist. he not only looks at the present deal at hand but teaches strategies that can be used in constructing deals with a win-win scenario throughout life.

Robert Colt

Project Analyst

Robert has a bachelor’s degree in Information Management from the Universidade Federal do Paran√° (UFPR) and experience with the purchasing department in the automotive industry. This experience shaped Robert’s view into a business oriented approach, and his contribution to RenderBasics is focused on strategic growth based on data analysis. He likes to produce music and refine his guitar skills.