3D Rendering Services for
Architecture and Real Estate

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Exterior rendering

3D exterior renderings complement your 2D design by giving them a sense of depth and scale. Work becomes easy when your clients quickly imagine the original view of your architectural model. Through this technique, you can preview your design, structure, materials, lighting, landscape, and surroundings.

Aerial Visualization
Landscape Visualization
Exterior Still
Exterior Animation

Interior rendering

Interior rendering is a highly true-to-life that can replace a photo. Render basics can replicate the look and feel of seeing an actual house and explain the different materials, lights, and colors of space with a descriptive set of interior rendering. we used the latest tools and software to create these spaces for our client to explore the virtual space in maximum detail.

Residential Design
Commercial Interiors
Retail Interiors
Public Sector

Virtual Tour

By using a computer's mouse the viewer has control of the fully interactive images allowing them to choose which area they wish to view at any point in time. With 360 panoramas you can virtually look and feel the space in all angles by rotating, panning, and zooming it allowing you to interact with exterior or interior space.

Interior Tours
Exterior Tour
Floor Plans


Detailed & photorealistic video demonstration can be used to represent your offices, buildings, individual houses, apartments, hospitals or medical organizations, shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants. You can choose the video duration and quality as per your requirement.

Interior Animation
Exterior Walkthroughs
Commercial Walkthroughs
Aerial CG Animation

Virtual Staging

With virtual staging properties appear more valuable! Make your listings stand out with our photo-realistic Virtual Staging services. Transform empty spaces into digitally furnished spaces to help buyer understand the space and increase your sales. We use the realistic assets and lighting approach to enhance your photos.

Bedroom Virtual Staging
Living room Virtual Staging
Dining Space Virtual Staging
Bathroom Virtual Staging

3D Modeling

RenderBasics offer a range of 3D modeling services for all your design needs. Our team can help you develop simple to complex 3D models. We provide solutions for all types of 3D modeling needs. Convert your drawings or hand sketches to SketchUp or any 3D format of your need, so you can review and modify them with ease. We are specialized in AutoCAD, Revit and Sketchup Modeling.

Hand Drawings to 3D Model
PDF to SketchUp Modeling
Photo Based Modeling
Dollhouse Rendering